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Why an Engineer

It's true, engineers can be a little ... different. They agonize over minute details, analyze until there are literally no more options, and believe that perfection is a plan worth pursuing. Sounds like a custom builder that might merit consideration! A civil engineer is well prepared for the challenges

of the homebuilding business ...

Here's the basics of a CE's college studies:

  • Survey Engineering  (your lot)

  • Soil Mechanics  (your soil strength)

  • Strength of Materials  (your wood and steel) 

  • Structural Analysis  (your framing) 

  • Fluid Flow Mechanics  (your plumbing) 

  • Thermodynamics  (your heating/cooling) 

  • Electrical Systems  (your power supply) 

  • Highway Engineering  (your driveway)

Well, maybe highway engineering is over-preparing a bit! This training, as well as our 30 years of experience, allows us to select appropriately designed systems and products, assuring optimal quality without unnecessary cost. 

Home construction is a highly technical endeavor. Why not have an engineer manage your complex project ... every day ... at no additional cost?

When you are ready to build, we are ready to pursue perfection for you. Because analyzing and agonizing are what we do best!     

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